White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes somewhat breaks the mold by admitting its products are made in China and they are proud of it. This is because they claim to have the lowest product failure rate on the market as well as producing the longest lasting batteries and cartridges. They are a company interested in creating a long-lasting relationship with their customers and are keen to go far beyond the initial sale. This is why they offer a 2 year warranty on all their products, something not all e-cigarette companies do. White Cloud has excellent customer service and don’t leave people waiting on the phone listening to a recording.

White Cloud E-cigarettes

Cartridges made by the company undergo a 9-step process with a total of 3 quality check before they are passed. Creation of the batteries is even more grueling with 13 steps and 4 separate quality checks. Company employees travel to China regularly to perform random checks on the manufacturing plant. White Cloud strives to continually make improvements to their batteries and cartridges which is why they can justify charging slightly higher prices than some of its competitors. The Smooth Draw technology used in the creation of the e-cigarettes enables huge amounts of vapor to get though a tiny passage to create a white cloud of smoke, hence the company’s name!

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White Cloud Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

White Cloud’s latest e-cigarette is the Cirrus 3 and is their best product yet though the Cirrus 2 is still available.

  • Cirrus Omni Starter Kit ($39.95): White cloud Omni kit offers you complete customization, it offers you a number of choices. With the Omni kit, you can get 2-3 batteries; two batteries will certainly come with the battery while you also have the option to add one more to the tally, in addition, you can choose between the cirrus 2-kit battery, cirrus 3-kit battery and cirrus 3X battery. Along with this, you get one 5-pack of clear draw cartridges, the flavor and nicotine strength for which you can choose. There is an extended 2-year warranty that is offered with this kit. You get one charge bolt USB charger or the Squid charger depending on what you choose plus and AC adapter.You can add accessories to the kit and make it your own however you will be charged extra for that, the starting price of the kit without any of the extras is $39.95 but if you choose to add a lot many accessories and customize everything then the price may go up to $124.95.
  • White Cloud E Liquid Flavors: White cloud offers as many as 26 different e liquid flavors. The white cloud brand until last year offered 19 flavors but they promised that they will come out with more flavors for the users and they did keep their promise by introducing a range of new e liquid flavors. There are the basic flavors like tobacco, menthol, clove; fruity flavors like just guava, what a melon, strawberry; exotic flavors like Cavendish, Bora Bora, the likes, and many more. The e liquid flavors are available in different nicotine strengths, so you will not be left fuming over the choices because there is something for everyone.

  • cirrus2 Starter KitCirrus 2 Starter Kit: The cirrus 2 starter kit is good for new vapers or people who vape rarely but like to take the occasional puffs from the e cigarette. This kit has two white cloud batteries, five clear draw cartridges, a standard USB charger and a 6-month warranty.

    Base price: $39.95

    Upgrade and Customize: You can upgrade the kit to add an extra battery, an Adapter, or a carry case or to get an extended warranty by paying for whatever extra goodies you ask for. You can customize the e liquid cartridge by choosing a flavor and nicotine strength of your choice.

    Max price after upgrade: The price may vary depending on what you choose to add to the kit. The price of the kit can go up to $87.75.

  • Cirrus 2 plus Starter Kit: The Cirrus 2 plus Starter Kit offers a little plus over the Cirrus 2 Starter Kit. This kit comes with two batteries, five packs of clear draw cartridges, one squid charger, one AC adapter and a 6-month warranty.

    Base Price: $49.95

    Upgrade and Customize: Much like the cirrus 2 kit, the cirrus 2 plus kit comes with a 6-month warranty but you can get an extended 2-year warranty for $19.95. You can add a cirrus 2 battery and a carry case if you require it by paying extra for it.

    Max price after upgrade: The max price may come out to be $84.80.

  • Cirrus 3 Starter Kit: cirrus3 Starter KitThe cirrus 3-starter kit comes with three cirrus 3 batteries, one squid charger, one AC adapter, a pack of clear draw cartridges and 6-month warranty. There is not much to upgrade in this kit as it already has an extra battery and both the squid charger as well as the AC adapter, the warranty extension is something that the buyer can still get for an extra $19.95. You can select the flavor and nicotine strength level for your e cig cartridge, you can choose between the various battery selection and charger types.

    Price: The base price is $69.95 but the price may go up to $89.90 if you choose to get an extended 2-year warranty.

  • Cirrus 3X Starter Kit: The cirrus 3X starter kit comes with three cirrus 3X batteries, one ChargeBolt USB charger, one DC Adapter, 1 AC Adapter, a pack of cartridges and an extended 2-year warranty. You can choose the flavor and nicotine strength of the e liquid, select from amongst different available battery choice and charger type.

    Price: This kit has everything that a seasoned vaper will need so there are no upgrade options available with the kit. The price is $74.95.

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White Cloud sells a range of disposable cigarettes from $5.95. Their special ClearDraw cartridges cost $8.50 and 50 cartridge pack on offer for $76.46 as the company had promised to slash off the prices. You can also purchase a 2 year warranty for $29.95 with carrying cases on offer for as little as $13.95. Replacement Cirrus 3X batteries are steep at $29.95 each.

Additional Information

  • Battery: Cirrus 2: Charge time is 90 minutes; Cirrus 3 has a charge time of 60 minutes while Cirrus 3X batteries take 120 minutes to charge.
  • Potency: ClearDraw cartridges last approximately 400 puffs
  • Flavors: 19 in total including Kick, Clove and Moscow Mule, Diablo, Bora Bora being new entrants.
  • Strength: 6 levels ranging from no nicotine to XX.


White Cloud’s Cirrus range is a testament to the company’s ingenuity. Each e-cigarette offers its only unique features to users. The only real downside to White Cloud is that they offer no free shipping but they have reduced the price of the products considerably in the last couple of year, hence, this can be overlooked. Nonetheless, the sheer quality of what you receive for this money makes it an excellent investment. Instead of spending thousands of dollars a year on tobacco cigarettes, spend your money on White Cloud’s Cirrus range instead.

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