As smoking an electronic cigarette is legal in public places in a host of states, it really boils down to a question of etiquette. After all, electronic cigarettes contain nicotine but don’t emit smoke that could be harmful to those located nearby. Celebrities such as Kate Moss and Leonardo di Caprio are taking advantage of the health benefits of this form of smoking. Clearly, having such public figures and role models advocating electronic cigarettes above their tobacco counterpart can only be good news for the industry.

Electronic cigarette

However, the majority of international airlines have banned their use. This is mainly because of a fear that electronic cigarettes will unsettle passengers who believe that a tobacco cigarette is being illegally smoked. The risk of confusion and the tiresome explanations that would ensue is obviously too much hassle for airlines which is perfectly understandable. Ryanair is an airline that operates mainly in Europe and they allow e-cigarettes and also sell cotton buds soaked in nicotine as a bizarre alternative.

Electronic Cigarette Perception
This state of affairs shows that the biggest issue facing electronic cigarettes is not health, it is perception. The mere act of smoking has been demonized by various anti-tobacco groups. E-cigarettes have unwittingly been dragged into this argument and in many U.S States are included with tobacco cigarettes when it comes to no-smoking legislation. So you need to ask yourself: Is it socially acceptable to take a drag on an electronic cigarette at the library or in a restaurant even if it is legal? Can you soothe your nerves at the office or at a dinner party when tobacco cigarette smokers are forced to go outside in the wind and rain?

Know Your Rights
We can emphasize the legality of the electronic cigarette all we want but try taking a puff in a fancy restaurant one night. You’re likely to attract unwanted attention as your fellow diners implore you to put it out. Waiters will come over and tell you to stop and a rather unpleasant scene could develop even though electronic cigarettes may be legally smoked in public places in your state. If you plan to e-smoke in a public place, be sure to know your rights and cite state law if need be. It’s an unfortunate scenario because electronic cigarettes emit nothing more than a harmless water vapor which causes health problems for nobody.

Therefore, if you intend to smoke an electronic cigarette at the office, you have to tell others what you’re about to do to alleviate confusion. When it comes to dining at a restaurant, you should just go outside unless you’re prepared to tell the people in the nearest half a dozen tables what you’re about to do! Even the act of putting an unlit cigarette in your mouth is enough to incur the wrath of someone nearby.

It’s not the best state of affairs but if you need to enjoy an electronic cigarette in public, prepare to deal with some ill-informed members of the public erroneously stating that you’re not allowed smoke it.