V2 Cigs are branching out with the release of Vapor Couture, an electronic cigarette designed specifically for women. It combines the technology behind the V2 cigarettes with stylish accessories and feminine designs. This is a bold move since smoking is often defined as a masculine pursuit, despite the fact that tens of millions of women enjoy smoking tobacco cigarettes. It is also a clever move since it is a relatively untapped part of the e-cigarette market and could attract a large following as it adheres to the principles of target marketing.

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Click Here TO Get the Best of the Vapor Couture Electronic Cigarette Products

How Vapor Couture Works

As we have already mentioned, Vapor Couture uses the same technology as the monumentally popular V2Cigs range.This includes a flavored cartridge, built-in atomizer with e-smokers connecting the cartridge to the e-cigarette.The rechargeable battery is extremely thin and has jewels as accessories!This is just one of the specifically feminine attributes possessed by the Vapor Couture range.

Products & Prices

Vapor couture

Vapor Couture Entrée Kit ($39.95): This has one rechargeable Vapor Couture Battery and six flavor cartridges with one Vapor Couture Smart Charger and a single-use Vapor Couture Disposable e-cig. Available in 3 flavors with corresponding shades. They are Rich Rodeo Drive in Deep Purple, Sweet Passion Fruit in Rose Gold, Cool Arctic Mint in Brushed Platinum

L’essentiel Kit ($64.95): this is one of Vapor Couture’s most popular kits. With a choice of four battery colors: Deep Purple, Rose Gold, Brushed Platinum and our Signature Logo Pattern. There are also two cartridge colors that are available in the users preferred flavors and strengths.

L’essentiel +1 Kit ($99.95): Allows the user to choose between the Vapor Couture Portable Charging Case and our Stainless Steel Fluted Charm Necklace. It comes with a selection of four battery colors.  And the Vapor Couture Cartridges are also available in the same color shades as the batteries, to be able to match the personal style of the user.

Vapor Couture Passeport Starter Kit ($149.95): This has two Vapor Couture Batteries based on the users color and also two 5-packs of Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridges, which are customized in the shade, flavor and strength of user’s choice. The Vapor Couture Portable Charging Case and Vapor Couture Auto Adapter are also included in this kit as well Vapor Couture Fluted Charm Necklace.

Vapor Couture Maximale Kit ($199.95): comes with the necessary essentials as well as the users choice of up to three different shades for the battery batteries and a Vapor Couture Portable Charging Case available in either Deep Purple, Rose Gold or Brushed Platinum. This kit also comes with four 5-packs of Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridges, and the Vapor Couture Fluted Necklace with Charm which doubles as a bracelet.


Click Here TO Get the Best of the Vapor Couture Electronic Cigarette Products


One thing Vapor Couture is not short on is accessories! You can purchase a stylish clutch bag which acts as storage for your e-cigarette kit as well as for a smartphone for $59.95. The charger kit is $14.95; a car adapter can be yours for $9.95 while both the UK wall adapter and the European wall adapter both cost $9.95. The portable charging case costs $59.95. There is the metal Carrying case that costs $29.95 as well as the stainless steel fluted link necklace that cost $49.95.

General Information

Battery Charge Speed: 1 hour

Battery Life: You will get 3-6 hours of continuous usage before needing to charge.

Cartridge Flavors: At present, you can choose between four flavors: Bombshell, Rodeo Drive, Passion Fruit and Fresh Mint. Vapor Couture say that two more flavors are coming soon: Arctic Mint and Strawberry Champagne.

Strengths: Choose between Zero, Light (0.6%), Medium (1.2%) and Full (1.8%).

Cartridge Longevity: 150-200 puffs per cartridge.

While there are less expensive electronic cigarette kits on the market, Vapor Couture does boast the V2Cigs label which is almost guaranteed to increase sales. Whether or not it will be a major success is open for debate. There is certainly a market for women-only e-cigarettes and the additional stylish accessories are certainly a clever marketing move. The product itself is pretty solid and should help Vapor Couture become a major success in the future.

Click Here TO Get the Best of the Vapor Couture Electronic Cigarette Products