One wonders if Hon Lik realized the firestorm he would start when he created smokeless cigarettes back in 2003/2004. This is an industry that has grown exponentially since it arrived on American shores a few years after Lik’s initial breakthrough. Now we have a host of companies claiming to sell the best smokeless cigarette. However, the best way to determine if they are telling the truth is by reading for unbiased smokeless cigarette reviews that will help you sift through the myriad of brands each of which seemingly offers the same thing.

Are Smokeless Cigarettes Safe?

Smokeless Cigarette

Manufacturers of smokeless cigarettes have been involved in the same old battle with authorities such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) for years. It’s estimated that e-smoking in America has increased by 30% as smokeless cigarettes capture the attention of a nation. The efforts of WHO and the FDA may have backfired as all they have managed to do so far is increase the visibility of this form of smoking.

One of the main issues anti-smokeless cigarette groups have is that nicotine is still a poisonous substance. However, even they admit that e-smoking is vastly superior to traditional smoking in a health sense. Smokeless cigarettes are probably superior to nicotine gum and patches because they deal with smoking’s behavioral aspect, something which experts say is a huge part of the addiction. The desire to hold and drag on a cigarette is replicated and the harmful second-hand smoke is nowhere to be found.

Saving Cash As Well As Your Health

Smokeless cigarettes also happen to be far cheaper than their traditional counterpart. Although you will pay $50-$200 for a smokeless cigarette starter pack, the weekly cost of cartridges is around $10-$15. This is significant as someone smoking two packs of tobacco cigarettes a day could expect to spend $70+ a week. It is also easier than ever to buy this product. As well as being available in mall kiosks, drugstores and even gas stations, you can get them online. In addition, there are a host of smokeless cigarette reviews to help you make the right choice.

However, states such as New Jersey are leading the fight as the FDA tries to crack down on the sale of smokeless cigarettes. Yet organizations such as the FDA are being accused of having ulterior motives for their stance. There is a long history of public office holders being influenced by tobacco companies who will do anything to get their way. In the 1950s, a host of research was released which claimed that smoking cigarettes wasn’t harmful to people’s health. It transpired that all of this research was paid for by tobacco companies! This has caused some to wonder about existing research that depicts smokeless cigarettes in a negative light. Who funds these studies?

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