At, the safety of our readers is of the utmost concern and we are quick to outline any concerns we have about any particular product in our e-cigarette reviews. Along with providing some of the best e-cigarette reviews online, we also keep visitors up to date with information about all tobacco products. We are well aware that many potential e-smokers still use tobacco cigarettes. If you are among this number, it is important for you to remember that there are over 4,000 chemicals found in traditional cigs. As you can see from our e-cigarette reviews, this new form of smoking has considerably less and is a far healthier alternative. Each puff of a tobacco cigarette means you are inhaling benzene, ammonia and even arsenic.

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New Danger

e cigarette reviews

E cigarette reviews

However, another ingredient that is incredibly dangerous has only recently been added to cigarettes. Modern cigarette packs often have ‘FSC’ printed on their label. This stands for ‘Fire Safe Cigarettes’. These products contain an additive which is designed to prevent the cigarette from setting fire to objects accidentally. The increasing number of accidental fires caused by cigarettes led to this change. If you have ever read any e-cigarette reviews, you would know that with e-smoking, there is no flame so this problem never manifests itself.

Manufacturers of FSC cigarettes claim that they are safer than ever because they prevent accidental fires. This means smokers can fall asleep with a lit cigarette in their hand and not worry about causing damage. However, it has been found that FSC cigarettes still burn for approximately 60 seconds at a time, certainly a long enough period to start a fire. Alarmingly, these cigarettes also contain a type of solvent, carpet glue according to experts. It is known that this substance can cause serious respiratory problems as well as nausea and vomiting. As you will see in our e-cig reviews, e-smoking involves no such dangerous chemicals.

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Fire Warning

A lit cigarette can reach an incredible 1700 degrees Fahrenheit according to experts. All it takes is a few seconds for a lit cigarette to start a fire that could potentially be fatal and FSC cigarettes take up to 60 seconds to extinguish. Perhaps this is why the number of accidental fires caused by smokers has barely fallen. If you are still a smoker but are worried about what tobacco cigarettes could do to your body and your home, begin reading our e-cigarette reviews. You will find important information relating to e-smoking and perhaps you will be intrigued by the combination of no tobacco and no lit flame. You may even get to smoke in a public place depending on where you live.

We are on a mission to create the best e-cigarette review with every piece we publish. However, we are also on a crusade to alert people to the dangers of smoking that they perhaps don’t think about such as the potential fire hazard. Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, glycerin and propylene glycol. As you will see from our e-cigarette reviews, chemicals are minimal and the fire risk is zero.

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