With a name like Premium E cigarette, this company has a lot to live up to! It was founded in 2008 and seems to place great emphasis on style and appears to classify itself as an elite e-cigarette company. Certainly, the design of their main products is more aesthetically pleasing than most other brands. They offer free shipping, a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty on their products. Premium E cigarette is known for creating their own line of custom batteries (one of the few electronic cigarettes companies in the world to do so). It also tests refill cartridges in an FDA approved laboratory.

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How Premium E cigarettes Works

There is little or no difference between the workings of Premium E cigarette products and others on the market. The cartridge contains the liquid elements to create a vapor from propylene glycol, water, nicotine and flavoring. A heating element is attached to a battery so when someone smokes this e-cigarette, the battery heats up the heating element in the cartomizer and then the smoker is able to take a puff and further enjoy the affair. There is an LED indicator which shows if an electronic cigarette’s battery is working correctly.

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Premium Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

There are a total of 11 starter kits, each of which is slightly different to the next.

“ME” … The Female Vaporizer

premium me starter kitThis kit is essentially designed for women vapers. This vaporizer is highly advanced, vapers can change the voltage of the battery by pressing the voltage button 5 times, and the voltage can go from lowest to medium to highest. The vaporizer is available in four different colors i.e. pink, red, violet and black. The vaporizer has different LED lights to indicate level of charging, for start button, for indicating voltage level and it also has a 10 seconds shut off feature, which will save battery when the vaporizer is not in use. The vaporizer kit comes with 1 battery, 1 clearomizer, 1 extra coil as you should change the atomizer within 2-4 weeks, 1 wall adaptor and 1 USB charger. The kit cost $59 and it is definitely worth the money. For all the women vapers this product is perfect, its stylish, its chic and it is high performance.

Electronic Cigarette Pocket Kit


Pocket KitThe electronic cigarette pocket kit is not going to burn a hole in your pocket because of its affordable price tag of $19.95. This kit is a perfect kit for vaping beginners who are looking for a kit that has the entire list of basic essential required for vaping. The kit is customizable to great degree, you can choose between 18 different colors of carry cases, 14 different colors of batteries and 21 different flavors of e cig cartridges. In addition, you can pick the battery length as well; you can go with either the classic PR110 battery or the queen PR111 battery. The kit comes with one battery that can be chosen from any of the above, one pack of e cig cartridge in the flavor and Nicotine strength of your choice, 1 USB charger and one carrying case to carry your e cigarette comfortably.

Premium Vapes EGO Lux Kit $61.38 $24.95 (You save $36.43)

Premium Vapes Ego Lux KitThe premium vape EGO Lux kit comes for a price of $24.95. The battery is available in six colors but that is not the only impressive thing about the battery. This kit has a 650mah battery that is equivalent to what many of the other brands use in their vaporizers. In addition, the battery is an EGO battery, which makes it even more powerful. The kit comes with one clearomizer, one EGO battery, and one USB charger with LED indicator. If you want an extra clearomizer with this kit, you can upgrade it by paying an extra $4. The battery is manual and can be turned on and off as per usage. This kit can certainly be considered one of the best kits in this price range.

Premium Starter Kit

premium starter kit

The premium starter kit is a well-packaged kit; it has everything that a seasoned vaper will need. For customization, you can choose between 10 color choices in batteries, 3 battery lengths, 21 e liquid cartridge flavors and 5 nicotine strengths. The kit contains one battery, one starter pack that contains one battery, 2 e cig cartridges and 1 USB charger; in the pack, you can choose among two flavors. There is another pack of cartridge that comes with the kit along with one AC adapter, 1 USB charger and a disposable e cigarette that is available in seven different flavors.  Price of the kit is $89.95, which is worth the contents.

Premium Express Kit

Premium Express KitPremium express kit is one of the low priced kits offered by premium e cigarettes. This kit comes with one rechargeable e cigarette, one pack of cartridges, one AC adaptor, one USB charger and one disposable e cigarette. You can either opt for a PR110 battery or a PR111 battery or choose between 10 different colors for the same. The disposable e cigarette is available in seven different flavors; you can choose the flavor of your choice. The cartridges are available in 21 different flavors; you can buy a pack of cartridges in the flavor that you deem best.  At $29.95, this is unquestionably a bargain.

Premium Slim Kit

premium ecigarette slim blueThe premium slim kit contains one slim battery, one premium clearomizer, one USB charger and a manual. There are less customization options available in this kit as you only have five battery colors to choose from. In addition, if you were to compare it with the other kits of premium vape, you will certainly find better options than this, however, if you are new to vaping and are strictly on a budget, this kit, which is available for a price of $24.95, is right for you.

Express Eliquid Kit

express eliquid kitThe express e liquid kit comes with an additional bottle of e liquid which can be useful to those who like to refill there cartridges on their own instead of buying pre-filled cartridges. This kit contains one classic battery, a pack of 808 clearomizer that can be filled using the e liquid bottle that comes with this kit. In addition, you will get a disposable e cigarette along with one AC adapter and one USB charger. The e liquid bottle is available in six different flavors and five varying nicotine strengths. The battery can be customized as well, 10 colors are available, take your pick. The disposable e cigarette is available in seven flavors. As far as the battery length is concerned, the default choice is classic battery but you can choose between the classic, queen and king size battery. This is a comprehensive kit and for a price of $39.95, this sure goes into my best buy list.

Deluxe EGO Lux Kit $164.71 $89.95 (You save $74.76)

Deluxe EGO Lux Kit

The deluxe Ego Lux kit as the name suggests is a high-end kit that has a lot to offer to its buyers. The kit contains two EGO batteries, for the batteries, you can choose different colors for each one of them. Next up, it comes with two clearomizer and 2 e liquid bottles, here again you can choose different flavors and strengths for each bottle. The nicotine strength choice is restricted to 24 mg and 16 mg. For charging your e cigarette, you will get two EGO USB chargers with this kit along with an AC adapter. With the kit, you get a disposable e cigarette as another advantage. The kit is available for a price of $89.95. Though, premium has lowered down its prices but somehow for this kit, a vaper still might not feeling like shelling out close to $90 for there are better starter kits available in this brand’s product catalog and with other brands that offer more at the same price.


IFitI Fit is sleek and lightweight, it comes with a powerful 1300 mAh battery, which puts it in the category of vaporizer/pen. This technologically advanced product uses a Micro USB and a magnetic clip for the e cig cartridges. The I Fit is available in five colors and can be bought for a price of $40. For using the I Fit simply unscrew the mouthpiece, fill in 3/4 of the tube from the sides, screw back and it is ready for use.


ILineI Line is more or less an e pipe because the structure, the design and the look of the product is made to look like a pipe. The best thing about I Line is that you can vary the voltage between 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts. An indicator will indicate when the battery needs charging” if and when” the battery level goes below 15%. The aluminum shell gives this product a fine look. Along with the pipe, you get a wall charger, a micro USB charger and a spare clearomizer. However, the price of $120 is a setback because no matter how great the product is, $120 is a big price to pay for an e pipe, which can easily be bought from many of the other good brands for a cheaper price. In addition, e pipes have a cult following which is one factor that can work both against and in favor of I Line. If you love smoking pipes and are looking for e pipes, this one is a good option.

The Pack

The PackThe pack from premium e cigarette is a portable charging pack that can carry one e cigarette at any given time, along with two cartridges and can charge one classic e cig battery simultaneously. This pack can only fit in classic battery, therefore if you have queen or king battery then do not bother with this. With the pack, you get 2 tobacco/menthol cartridges in 16 mg nicotine strength, one mini USB cable, 1 classic e cig battery along with a manual. The price of The Pack is $30; although the product is great but there is nothing that could really entice users to buy it other than the portable charging characteristic, which is a definite plus.


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Premium E cigarette makes the most of its unique style by selling accessories not found on other electronic cigarette company websites. For example, there are a host of color batteries for $39.95 each, custom design batteries, carrying cases, cartomizer skins, and an array of custom design cases. Disposable cigars are also on offer for $19.99 each. Packs of 5 cartomizers and cartridges range from $12.50-$14.50.

Additional Information

  • Potency: Each cartridge lasts for 250 puffs or just over 1 pack of traditional cigarettes.
  • Battery: It is available in 3.6V-3.8V and will last for at least 300 charges. The first three times you charge the battery, ensure you do so for at least 4 hours each time to maximize the battery’s lifespan.
  • Strength: Nicotine free, low, medium and high
  • Flavors: There are 20 flavors of cartridge and cartomizer including unusual offerings such as Irish Cream, Clove, Cola and Blueberry.

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Premium E cigarettes has a style all of its own. Few companies can offer the same level of elegance in their products and the PR110 & PR111 option is also not seen with other brands. The idea that a heavy smoker can have an extra long battery that lasts for 75% of a refill cartridge is extremely appealing. It offers as many accessories as any e-cigarette company and comes in an array of flavors that are seldom if ever on offer anywhere else. Premium E cigarettes sees itself as a niche brand and markets to a certain customer segment. This is the reason why it is not as popular in the mainstream as other companies but is also the deciding factor when discussing its success. If you’re looking for something different, this is a brand well worth looking at.


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