Sales of e-cigarettes are absolutely soaring as smokers understand that this new form of smoking is a better alternative to traditional cigarettes. As a result, electronic cigarette review sites are more important than ever as hundreds of companies clamor for a slice of an ever increasing pie. The impact of e-cigarettes can be seen when Lorillard Inc., the third largest tobacco company in the United States ventured into an e cigarette company. This proves that electronic cigarette is fast becoming viral.

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Beware Bias

Electronic cigarette reviews

BEST Electronic cigarette reviews

So why is it so important to use the best electronic cigarette review site? If you know your history, you’ll be aware that tobacco companies were notorious for paying medical professionals to state that smoking was healthy. They also paid various publications to print positive things about tobacco products. This kind of shameful behavior still continues in the modern era and is expanding thanks to the power of the Internet. You may think that a site contains the best electronic cigarette reviews but in actual fact, it is pandering to the whims of a wealthy master. In essence, these websites are being paid to lie.

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The Importance Of Neutrality

How can you tell when a website is providing a biased electronic cigarette review? It will contain nothing but positive things about a certain brand. You can be sure that this is the company bankrolling them. Equally, you will notice a sequence of negative electronic cigarette reviews that effectively dismisses every other brand. The best e-cigarette reviews are balanced and completely neutral. If a product is completely defective, the website will be honest and say so immediately. Likewise, the top products in the industry will benefit from glowing e-cigarette reviews.

There are a myriad of e-cigarette review sites that claim to be somehow ‘different’ from their rest of the pack. Read their introduction and you’d swear they were about to launch into a character assassination of every second electronic cigarette product. A quick look at their reviews suggests complete compliance.

At, we don’t pretend to be on some campaign to smear e-cigarette companies that we don’t like. We call things as we see them and our reviews are based upon comments from people who have actually USED the products in question. Our electronic cigarette reviews explain how the product works, its features and whether it is value for money or not.

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