Although e cigs are ultimately far cheaper than traditional tobacco cigarettes, there is a certain amount of maintenance required. Unlike their more harmful counterpart which can simply be tossed into the bin (hopefully), you will need to look after your e-cig in order to get the best performance from it. Read e cig reviews on and you will quickly find out which electronic cigarettes are easy to maintain and which require a little bit more effort.

When Do I Fill Up My Cartomizer?

e cig cartomizer

E cigs contain cartridges or cartomizers which will eventually become empty. When you first use even the best e-cig, it is inevitable that you’ll burn at least one cartomizer prematurely before knowing when to refill. As you will see from any e cig review on, the filler contained within an electronic cigarette’s cartomizer will act like a sponge which means it is not simply a case of waiting for a chamber to become empty before refilling it. What happens is that the cartomizer liquid spreads and covers any area that is available to it.

As you become more experienced in the usage of e cigs, you will notice that vapor production will become low and there will be a distinct lack of flavor coming from your cartomizer. The only issue with this is that low vapor production is also a sign of a battery almost running out of power. If you’re unsure, be sure to change the e-cig battery and see if the vapor production is still low.

Another sign that your e-cig cartomizer is running low is when you get a slightly burnt taste when taking a drag. Although this sounds like an obvious enough way of knowing when you need a refill, years of smoking regular tobacco cigarettes may desensitize your taste buds so it could take longer than you think to identify the burning taste. Once the e cig flavor starts to change, there isn’t much time to refill. The moment you get that burning taste, add e liquid immediately. Failure to do this could easily see your cartomizer burn out quickly. If you are using your e cig heavily, add e-liquid every few hours regardless.

When Should I Bin My Cartomizer?

As you will see from the best e cig review offerings by, there is no definite cartomizer lifespan. However, we have been told by thousands of readers that their e cig cartomizer tends to last from 3-4 weeks on average. You may find individuals who state that cleaning your cartomizer is better than throwing it away but if your e cig has disposable cartomizers, it’s best to get rid of them for hygiene and health reasons.

If you e cig cartomizer is producing no vapor and you have a fresh battery, it’s probably time to dispose of it. If there is a burning smell emanating from your e-cig and it contains plenty of e liquid, this usually means your cartomizer should be replaced.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you get the most out of your e cig. Happy vaping!