Even the best vapor cigarette will do little for you if you don’t inhale properly! We are constantly hearing from individuals new to e-smoking who claim that their vapor cigarettes are not working properly. It can certainly be frustrating to make the investment and take the plunge into the healthier world of vapor cigarettes only to find that they don’t come near your initial expectations. Through our experience however, we have found that people struggle with the relatively simple art of inhaling a vapor cigarette. As well as publishing vapor cigarette reviews, we also like to give advice to new e-smokers. One of the things we find ourselves telling new electronic cigarette smokers is this: Don’t inhale a vapor cigarette in the same way as you would a tobacco one.

Be Slow & Steady With A Vapor Cigarette

Here are some tips which we hope will help you get the very best out of your vapor cigarette:

  • Press the button on a manual e-cigarette for up to 2 seconds before you begin to inhale.
  • Keep this button pressed down when you begin to take a drag. Inhale for at least 5 seconds at a time.
  • Hold the vapor in your lungs for several seconds before exhaling.
  • Automatic vapor cigarette owners need to take a quick primer drag before utilizing the same method as manual users.

The longer you drag on vapor cigarettes, the fuller the effect so if you’re in need of a really big nicotine hit, continue dragging slowly on the device. In the experience of our many readers, 5 seconds seems to be the optimum level of time for a satisfying drag. Veteran e-smokers who visit the site claim that 3-5 puffs are enough to satisfy their nicotine craving for the time being.

Vapor Cigarette Convenience

The fact that you can take out your vapor cigarette device and take a few deep puffs whenever you feel like it makes it a superior product to traditional cigarettes. Tobacco cigarette users tend to go though at least a pack a day while vapor cigarette users get used to only taking a few puffs at a time. As you will see in our vapor cigarette reviews, the most powerful cartridge tends to be 24mg. This offers more than enough nicotine for even experienced smokers and provides a hit satisfying enough for chain smokers. Instead of giving up on your vapor cigarette, find out if you’re inhaling properly. Take long and slow drags and you may find that you get exactly what you’re looking for.