Electronic Cigarettes Inc. is yet another organization that has taken advantage of the huge increase in the number of e-cigarettes being sold around the world. While most other companies sell several different varieties of starter kit, Electronic Cigarettes Inc. actually has a number of top brands such as Duo Pro, Vapor King, Storm and SmokePass. One would imagine that having numerous different products would place this company at the very top but by all accounts, it still trails behind the industry leaders. Nonetheless, this company is still generally recognized as one of the top 10 companies in the industry, no mean feat as there are hundreds of rival companies trailing in its wake.

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How Do Their Products Work?

Both Vapor King and Duo Pro work as you would expect e-cigarettes to. The main difference between the two is in the options available. You can purchase eLiquid to refill your Vapor King cartridges whereas the Duo Pro relies on disposable cartridges. Both products are easy to use and deliver satisfying nicotine high every time.

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Electronic cigarettes Inc starter kits

Duo Pro Starter Kit: The duo pro starter kit comes with two e cigarette batteries, one pack of 5 cartomizer cartridges, one extra pack of Cartomizers where each of the cartridge will give you anywhere between 250-300 puffs i.e. each of the cartridge is equivalent to one pack of tobacco cigarettes. The kit contains one USB charger and one Home Outlet charger. There is a user manual to help you understand the product and its functioning better. This kit is one of electronic cigarettes Inc’s entry-level kits, priced at $29.95, this makes for a great beginner’s kit. The kit comes with multiple charging options, spare battery and extra Cartomizers thus you can look forward to a session of uninterrupted vaping.
2. SmokePass Starter Kit: There are two kits in this category, one is the SmokePass express starter kit and other is the SmokePass Deluxe starter kit. The smoke pass express starter kit is one of the least expensive kits from Electronic Cigarette Inc, in fact, it is the cheapest kit offered by Electronic Cigarette Inc. the express kit comes for a price of $19.95 and has one rechargeable battery, two cartomizer cartridges and one USB charger. The cartomizer cartridges are available in two flavors i.e. tobacco and menthol. Smoke pass deluxe starter kit on the other hand comes for a price of $29.95; it contains two Smoke pass batteries, one pack of cartomizer (menthol/tobacco), one Smoke Pass USB charger and one Smoke Pass Wall charger.
Vapor King Storm Kit: There are two kits in the vapor king category, vapor king storm express clearomizer kit and vapor king storm deluxe clearomizer kit. The Vapor King Storm Express Clearomizer kit comes for a price of $24.95 and has one 650-mAh storm rechargeable battery, one storm clearomizer, and one bottle of 10 ml e liquid, one Storm USB charger, one Storm Home outlet, one Storm USB adapter and one carry case. You can choose between various colors and style for the clearomizer and battery respectively. The e liquid is available in a range of flavors. Vapor king storm clearomizer kit contains 2 lithium ion batteries, 2 storm clearomizer, one bottle of e liquid, 1 storm USB adapter, one Storm USB charger and one carry case. This kit comes for a price of $39.95. The difference between the storm express and clearomizer kit is while the former has one storm clearomizer, the latter has two, and there is a spare battery in the latter.

In third party, kits there are also two kits from Kanger Tech and a number of other starter kits from Innokin. Most of these starter kits have mods and vaporizers. The price of these kits starts from $24.95 and goes up to $99.95. The smoke pass starter kit and the vapor king storm kits are third party kits as well.

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Electronic Cigarettes Inc. is certainly not short in the accessory department. As you can imagine, they have dozens of options to boost the power of their existing product range. Vapor King ELiquid allows you to fill your own e-cigarettes and costs $7.95 per bottle with each offering with the capacity to fill 15-20 cartridges with around 40 flavors to choose from. Vapor King atomizers cost $9.95 while a 5 pack of original cartridges costs $9.95.

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Additional Information

  • Strength: No nicotine, low 6mg, medium 11mg, high 16mg, extra high 24mg
  • Potency: Duo Pro – 250-300 puffs a cartridge; Vapor King – 180 puffs a cartridge or 10-12 normal tobacco cigarettes.
  • Flavors: 30 flavors across in e Liquid for Vapor King and around 12 flavors with other kits. The range includes flavors like tobacco, vanilla and coffee. Flavors such as waffle and grape are only available with 24mg cartridges.
  • Battery: Takes 2-3 hours to charge while the Vapor King atomizer lasts for approximately 200,000 puffs.


It almost seems strange to suggest that Electronic Cigarettes Inc. may be hindering their progress by having a variety of different products to choose from. When you look at the industry leaders, they seem to have one main product and several upgrades on it. Electronic Cigarettes Inc. has the Vapor King, SmokePass the Duo Pro and it once sold Amerismoke as well which does not seem to be available at present. Perhaps concentrating more on a single brand would help them overall. Yet this would also be a shame because the products they produce are of the highest quality and there are more options than any e-cigarette smoker could wish to have. With such innovation and thought going into their products, Electronic Cigarettes Inc. is a company that deserves success.

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