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Top 5 Most Used E Cigarette Flavors

E Cigarette Flavors play a dominant role in the success of an e cigarette brand; it is the main reason why vapers prefer certain brands to others. It is as important as spices are for food.

Most Used Flavor:

  1. Tobacco

Tobacco is the most used e cigarette flavor as it comes closest to the traditional cigarette flavor, thus to relive those good old days vapers tend to go for the tobacco flavors. E cigarette flavors have a great impact on the vapor and the choices he or she makes for an e cigarette brand. Usually when an individual shifts from the traditional cigarette to the e cigarette, he or she usually starts with the tobacco as it becomes difficult for a full time smoker to shift to a different flavor.

Thus, to enjoy that taste, vapers prefer the Tobacco the most as that is the closest flavor next to the traditional cigarette.

Almost every brand offers tobacco based flavor, however V2 Cigs provides some of the best Tobacco flavors in the market. Being the e cigarette leader, V2 Cigs knows what its customers look for in their brand and thus the e cig brand tends to focus on the expectations of the vapers.

V2 Cigs has three Tobacco variants- the V2 Red American Tobacco Blend, V2 Sahara Turkish Tobacco and V2 Congress Tobacco with Distinction.

Red American Flavor, V2 Red is an attempt to recreate the magic of tobacco that vapers have been using since many years. However, do not expect the Red American Tobacco flavor to be as strong as the actual tobacco, therefore, this might not be the best option for the heavy vapers who are accustomed to string Tobacco flavor. After few puffs, you will taste the little sweet taste in the flavor, but does not deliver the power punch Tobacco flavor.

The V2 Red American Flavor is available in 5 Nicotine strength variant, 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8% and 2.4%.

The V2 Sahara Turkish Flavor, whereas Sahara is a strong tobacco flavor, which you missed out in the V2 Red American Flavor. The V2 Sahara packs the rich tobacco flavor with a hint of nut and chocolate. If you are a great fan of Middle Eastern tobaccos then you will love the V2 Sahara flavor.  Similarly, the V2 Sahara comes with five options for the Nicotine Strength just as mentioned above.

V2 Congress Tobacco, if you are a great fan of chocolaty or sweet flavor then this is a masterpiece flavor for you. The V2 Congress is sweeter than the Red American Flavor, but lacks the tobacco strength. It is light and gives the perfect smooth finish, which you realize after few puffs. It too comes in the similar Nicotine strength starting from 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%. 1.8% and 2.4%.

  1. Menthol

Don’t you love it when you can breathe in fresh flavor vapor when you take a deep puff from the Menthol e liquid flavor? Even the non-menthol lovers, tend to love it when the ice-cold air enters their mouth and gives a fresh feeling. This is why; Menthol is the second best flavor that tops the list for every vaper, after Tobacco.

South Beach Smoke is one such e cigarette brand that offers the Menthol flavors in different varieties. There are 9 different Menthol flavors that are irresistible for beginner as well for those vapers looking for a change.  Like, Choco Mint, Watermelon Chill, Creamy Menthol Latte, Orange Mint, Peppermint Party, Fresh Mint, Menthol Ice, Mighty Menthol and Strawberry Chill.

My top favorite pick from the nine Menthol based flavors are Fresh Mint, Watermelon Chill and Choco Mint. Fresh Mint flavor is the best flavor in case you are looking for fresh complete mint flavor without any other flavor. It is the purest f0rm of mint flavor that will actually give you the fresh breeze of air, if you are looking for simply mint flavor.

Whereas, the Watermelon chill gives a strong watermelon flavor but does not overpower the mint flavor. It exactly delivers the mint flavor but wrapped in watermelon fruit, thus go for this flavor only if you are fond of watermelon.

Similarly, the Choco Mint is for people who are fond of Chocolate as well as Mint as the combination of the two might not suit everyone. Therefore, choose the Choco Mint flavor only if you are fond of both the flavors. However, if you find other flavor as a better option for you, then you can pick any other flavor that you would like to have in your e cigarette.  Each of these flavors come in 30ml bottle at $14.99, whereas the Nicotine Strength lies 0 mg- no Nicotine, 6 mg- Ultra light, 12 mg- light, 16 mg- Full flavored and 24 mg- Bold.

  1. Vanilla

Not everyone is a big fan of Vanilla, but if you are one then you will love the Vanilla flavor form Blu Cigs called Vivid Vanilla. Vanilla is sweet but when the sweet flavor is combined with the exact nicotine strength that tends to give the perfect blend of Vanilla and freshness. The nicotine mixing, vanilla and the Nicotine strength give the best vapor production that you would expect from your e liquid.

The Vivid Vanilla, even though it sounds sweet is less sweet than you are expecting it to be, it is neither too sweet not bitter. However, the Vanilla flavor is limited to those vapers who actually like Vanilla but for those not fond of this flavor, you can always try it for a different taste.

You can choose from the different Nicotine Strength, None, Low, Medium and High.

  1. Coffee

We all love Coffee; almost every other individual is fond of Coffee, the only way to keep you awake on a Monday morning. What if you could also enjoy the flavor in your favorite e cigarette, how great would that be? Coffee is another great flavor that is preferred by almost every vaper.

EverSmoke is one such e cigarette brand that provides the best coffee based e liquid flavor. The Coffee Creation from EverSmoke delivers the best coffee e liquid in the market. For the coffee lovers, it is a blessing, as no one else can understand the throat hit that you achieve from the coffee flavor, which then intensifies the vapor production as well.

If you are a coffee lover, you will understand what I am talking about, in case you are not fond of Menthol, you can always try the coffee flavor from EverSmoke that is likely to give you the best throat hit. However, if you are a tobacco lover, then you might not be content with the coffee flavor as it is very light as compared to the tobacco-based flavor.

  1. Fruity Flavor

The fruity flavor is the most different e liquid flavor that you will come across, you might have tried Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla and so on, but keeping these flavors aside you must try the fruity flavor.

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Why Choose White Cloud Electronic Cigarette over Other Brands?

Choosing the right electronic cigarette is a great deal for every vaper, therefore, before purchasing an e cig brand makes sure that you are well informed about e cigarette brands. Electronic cigarette brands claim to be the best but if you have the knowledge or the right information then you are likely to use the perfect e cigarette for yourself. Back in the days, white cloud electronic cigarette was one of those brands, which offer great quality at a price that was a little too much, which made it difficult to be afforded by anyone and everyone. However, the scenario has changed in the last year, particularly by the Q4 of 2013; there was a price drop that was seen in white cloud e cigarette products. I would not have reviewed this brand or the products, unless of course, I was getting the products for free but now, the products of white cloud e cig are priced low which makes it all the more easy and feasible for me to review the brand and the products. The details on the product and prices are all available on the official website, therefore, in this review, I would be discussing the performance and features of the e cig products that white cloud has to offer.

These are some features that I personally look for in the E cigarette pack, thus these features play a big role when I pick my next e cigarette brand kit.

Kits: There are five starter kits, starting from $29.96; the price of the kit goes up to $79.95, which is very different from the time when loaded kits from white cloud used to cost around $300. I like the cirrus 3X kit and it remains one of my favorites but the recent addition, namely the variety e cigarette starter kit by white cloud is also a good option, if you are a new vaper, then go with the cirrus 2 Starter kit. There are three others, which have a different assortment of products and accessories.

Design and packaging: the package is neat, simple, the white and blue backdrop gives it a nice feel but I honestly do not care much for the packaging as long as the product reaches me safe and undestroyed. There are many customization options in terms of designing the e cigarette.  The great thing about the hardware of white cloud electronic cigarette is the fact that they manufacture all the components they use and soon they are going to set a manufacturing plant in USA.  In a time when quality is becoming a prime factor in the e cig niche, this move is sure to earn them a lot more vaping enthusiasts and fans.


There are several components to be discussed as far as the hardware of the product is concerned, which is responsible to make the best or the worst e cigarette.

  • Batteries: White Cloud e Cigarette has lithium polymer batteries that are what is used by most of the e cig manufacturers. Although, there are people who raise concern about the safety of using these batteries because last year, several cases were reported where in batteries of e cigarette blasted but in all fairness, these are the same type of batteries that power laptops and other such devices. The chances of an overcharged e cig blasting are almost equal to the chances of an overcharged laptop causing a fire.
  • E liquid and cartridges: White Cloud does not sell e liquid separately; they sell cartridges, singular cartridges as well as in bulk. The technology that is used in the cartridges is worth reference. The white cloud brand has always been known for its smooth draw, which is courtesy, the different technologies that they use in their e cigarette cartridges. In most of the cartridges, white cloud uses the Clear Draw technology which is meant to let the vaper be aware of how much of the e liquid is still left, which means you won’t have to wait for the last micro ml drop to burn before you notice that there is no more e liquid left.

Also, depending on how you vape, you can choose from two different technologies, smooth draw and stealth draw which are imbibed in the cartridge that is being used in the e cigarette. In a time when other brands are merely concentrating on the accessories that can help you better style the e cigarette, white cloud is one of those brands that actually seem to be working on the performance of the product.
As far as the e liquid used in the cartridges in concerned, the e liquid contains 1-4% of water, then there is a high percentage of PG and a small percentage of VG and there are other diluents and the artificial flavoring and coloring. There are more than 20 e liquid flavors available with white cloud and the tally is not just there for the regular rechargeable e cigarette but even in disposables, white cloud offers 17 different e liquid flavors.

There are 6 nicotine levels to choose from in the cartridges, starting from double extra(5.4%),extra(3.6%), Full(2.4%), light strength(1.6%), Ultra light(0.6%) and finally no nicotine, for the rechargeable e cigarette and for the disposables you can choose from amongst 5 different nicotine strength, starting from Extra to Nicotine Free.


  • Atomizer: White cloud e cig has a 2-piece design, which means that the atomizer is built in unlike the 3-piece design that has a separate atomizer unit. It is easy to judge if the atomizer of a product is working fine or not, the usual drill is to vape in different styles and rhythms. I vaped on the white cloud e cig continuously for a few seconds, then I tried taking one single drag and finally I took a series of drag, each of these times, I got sufficient amount of vapor with ease which is why I rate the atomizer unit of this device highly. The con is that I did sense the cartridge getting hot at times when I vaped for longer durations or if I took a drag which lasted more than 6-7 seconds, it is not much of a con really but still something that could be avoided.
  • Battery performance: Anyhow, talking about the charging time, the batteries from white cloud took close to 70 minutes to charge which is certainly good. The different e cig starter kits make use of different e cig batteries. The Cirrus 2 kit has the cirrus 2 single batteries, which has a charge time of 90 minutes, and a battery life of around 7 hours, in terms of number of puffs, this one will last you a good 300+ puffs. Then there is the cirrus 3 single battery which has a charge time of around 60 minutes or in some cases, a little close to 80 would do and a battery life of 5-6 hours, 200 puffs, if you are counting. The cirrus 3 battery is not something that I would rely on if I am a vaping enthusiast but is it good for beginners. My favorite is the cirrus 3x battery, a powerful beast which gives me close to 600 puffs, the charging time is 2 hours but the 9-10 hours of vaping that it can offer makes it one of my personal favorites. If you want your battery to last longer, then clean it frequently. I would say that the battery gives a nice, smooth draw, which is not too sudden, neither delayed; it has a medium draw, which delivers a very smooth throat hit.


  • Throat Hit: Courtesy the smooth draw and stealth draw technology that is used in the cartridge and the low amount of VG, the throat hit and draw is quite smooth. With some brands, what I have seen is that at times they go with a high VG concentration solution because that gives high vapor production but white cloud has somehow struck a good balance between the value of VG and PG, which allows one to get good vapor that is not irritating for the throat. In addition, you do not have to work up on the e cigarette to get a vapor, if you like irregular, smooth vaping and wish to take long puffs while still getting good vapor and easy draw, and then smooth draw cartridge is perfect for you. If you want to vape heavily and take shorter draws but get the same vapor production, then stealth draw cartridge would be apt.

I would recommend the smooth draw technology because for me that makes the vaping experience an utter delight. However, the primary source behind the vapor is the nicotine, white cloud has a number of levels to pick from, choose the level carefully and incase you do not know which nicotine strength is perfect for you, research a little for how to pick the correct nicotine strength.


  • Vapor production: using different types of batteries or by customizing the cartridge and choosing the right one can vary the vapor production in the white cloud e cigarette. If you will puff in smoothly on the mouthpiece for 6-7 seconds, the vapor production would be beyond satisfactory. For good vapor production, do not puff in on the e cigarette robustly the very first time, puff in for shorter durations for a couple of times and pretty soon the coil of the atomizer would be heated enough to give you instant and high vapor that is dense and clear.


White Cloud e cigarette brand is a perfect example of a decent e cigarette with the supreme quality products and services at decent price. Therefore, if you are looking for an e cigarette brand that offers great products at inexpensive price, then the White Cloud electronic cigarette brand is the best option for you. Perfect brand if you are looking for something, which is supreme in terms of quality, delivers great vapor e very time and does not cost much. However, if you are still not sure or have some doubts regarding the e cigarette brand, then you can always contact the manufacturers and ask for their guidance or ask a vaper friend for help. As he or she will throw better light at a vapor cigarette brand.

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Top 7 Charging Option for Your Electronic Cigarette

You might own the best e cigarette product, but what really matters is the charger that you use to give another round of life to the vapor cigarette. No Matter how expensive e cigarette kit you purchase, if the charger is not of the superior quality, then you are likely to lose your e cigarette kit within the initial months. Nevertheless, if you get your hands on the best chargers of good quality then your electronic cigarette might serve you for a longer duration.  Every electronic device needs power to function and needs to be charged repeatedly to deliver the best result after wearing out. Similarly, e cigarettes to work on the similar model, where it needs power to operate and thus deliver the best vaping experience without draining the battery so quickly. After all no one wants to keep charging the e cigarette repeatedly, that not only spoils the mood but also compromises on the performance.

Here are Top 7 most useful and efficient charging options for  your electronic cigarette that will help you enjoy your e cigarette for a longer time:

Wall Charger

wall charger for electronic cigarette

wall charger for electronic cigarette

The Wall charger is one of the most common chargers that you are likely to find in the e cigarette kit. Almost every electronic cigarette brand offers the wall adapter in their starter kit, as not everyone prefers to carry the e cigarette charger everywhere with him or her. Wall adapters are similar to the phone chargers that you see regularly, which you will need to, put in the wall sockets to draw the power and charge the e cigarette. Most starter or standard kit provides customers with the wall charger along with other extra chargers like Express charger or USB chargers. It depends on the e cigarette kit you choose, according to which you will get the charger. The better the kit, the better are the chances to own the latest updated chargers. You will need to screw in the e cig battery to the USB that you will need to plug in the wall.

The biggest disadvantage of this charger is that you cannot carry it everywhere, you will need to plug it in somewhere or the other, and it is best suitable for home. However, if you are someone who is always out, then USB or Car chargers fit your needs best and you will need to charge the battery repeatedly.

Car Charger

E-Cigarette Car Charger

E-Cigarette Car Charger

This is the best option for someone who knows he or she will be on the road most of the time, thus owning this piece of charger is going to solve almost your travelling problems. Want to keep your e cigarette running for a longer time then you can do so with the Car charger or adapter. The Car adapter is the best option for you if you are likely to spend most of your time travelling in your vehicle. Until now, the car chargers were only used for mobile phones, but why to limit the car charger only to your Smartphone when you can extend it to your e cigarette as well. Various e cigarette brand offer car chargers for vapers who are on the go, however the car chargers do not come free of cost, you will need to pay extra cash to purchase the product.

You can simply connect the e cig battery to the USB and plug it in the car charger, one you plug it in it will show green light which means that the e cigarette battery is charging. As soon as the light turns blue, it means that your battery is full and you can remove it from charging.

Personal Charging Case

V2 Cigs portable charging case.

V2 Cigs portable charging case.

PCC or Personal Charging Case is one of the best innovation from e cigarette, as it has not only made it easy to carry e cigarette but also provided a safe case that keeps your e cigarette safe and away from dust and water. Usually if you keep a single e cigarette in your bag, you might not find it easily in your bag, or if you drop water on your e cigarette then it might not function properly. However, with the case, the e cigarette remains safe and away from such problems which are likely to happen.

Thus if you are on the go, simply take the charging case and place your e cigarette sticks in the case. While travelling your e cig will be charging while you don’t need to do anything. The personal charging case looks like the regular traditional cigarette box, where you need to place the e cig batteries and you can just keep that in your bag. The PCC (Personal charging case) displays the battery level or how much is remaining in any of your e cig batteries.

USB Charger

USB Charger

USB Charger

USB chargers have been the most helpful in charging various electronic devices along with e cigarettes; you can easily get the USB charger in most of the e cigarette brands. This is also the best option for those who are on the go with their laptops, or any device with USB ports. If you are travelling to your office in subway and working on your laptop, you can simply charge your e cigarette while working on your laptop and charge the e cig barter simultaneously.

As you put the e cigarette on charge, it will show a red light, which signifies that your device is charging and when it’s done it, will show green light which means that the battery is full and now can be removed.

E cigarette brands like, Green Smoke, Blu Cigs, White Cloud and many more offer USB chargers with most of their starter kit.

Express Charger

V2 Express charger

V2 Express charger

This is another way to charge your electronic cigarette faster as compared to the regular wall adapters or the car adapters. Express Chargers are the most used and efficient chargers that you will ever come across, I personally like to use the Express Chargers that not only keeps me moving but also lessens the charging time. there are times, when I am in real hurry and do not have sufficient time to charge my e cigarette, thus  that time I would prefer to use the express charger that will shorten the charging time.

Express chargers specialty is that it charges the e cigarette faster than many other chargers, also a smart charger that allows only the sufficient power to pass through that is acceptable by the e cigarette. This means that the Express charger will not over charge the electronic cigarette and thus safeguard your e cigarette device.

There are times that when you put the e cigarette on charge and forget to take it off, then there can be consequences, but with the express charger you are likely to be notified through the bright LED light that the e cigarette battery is complete charged and thus needs to be removed from charging.

Therefore, if you are someone who is always in hurry and does not have time to sit down and give some time for charging then you must definitely try the express charger that you can find from brands like V2 Cigs, Green Smoke and others. The express chargers are available in kit as well as an individual purchase as well.

Power Cig

V2 Power Cig

V2 Power Cig

Power Cigs are those e cigarettes that can operate only when the power cig is plugged into a power source, the USB charger or the desktop. You must have seen the power cig in V2 Cigs, it is a good option for those who usually have the deskwork or who work at home. However, there is a definite drawback of using power cig for the users who travel a lot, for people who are always on the go; the portable chargers are the best option to go for.

Like the V2 Power Cigs, the power cig comes with a cord that is 2.2 m long enough for you to plug the power cig in your computer, sit next to your laptop, and watch some TV. The benefit of the V2 power cig is that it draws more vapor as compared to the manual batteries, since the power cig is continuously connected with the power source, thus when you take a puff form the power cig the performance of the power cig does not degrade.

The V2 power cig will cost you $24.95, thus the price is moderate, along with the V2 power cig, the kit comprises of the 5-pack flavor cartridges. However, the V2 power cig comes only in manual switch, which means that you will need to press to activate the power cig every time you wish to use the V2 power cig. For 5-pack flavor cartridges, you can any single flavor, which will be same throughout the 5 cartridges, therefore choose the flavor carefully as you will have to use the same flavor until they are over.

International Wall Adapter

International Wall Power Adapter

International Wall Power Adapter

International Wall Adapter is a charger that can fit into any charging point, throughout the world. Many e cigarette brands come with different adapters, which might not work in other countries, as there are possibilities that the socket could be different in each country. Say you purchase the electronic cigarette in U.S and you are travelling to India for holidays, then there the power sources are bit different as compared to the US. Thus, you might face some problem and may not be able to enjoy your e cigarette, therefore, to avoid such problem I would suggest you to take an international wall adapter that enables any kind of charger to fit into the power source.

Or else, I would suggest you to buy a convertor, i.e. an extra plug with the device that you attach to your charger and then plug into the charging point. Convertors are inexpensive thus; you can buy it yourself from any electronic shop.

I would suggest you to carry some extra chargers in case anything else fails, maybe like a personal charging case or the USB charger that is not likely to disappoint you anywhere in the world.


I Hope the above article would help you pick the charger that suits your needs and your lifestyle. However, the times you need to charge the e cig battery depends on the time that you use the e cig, like say if you are a regular vaper who Vapes nearly the entire day then you will need to walk around with your charger to enjoy the uninterrupted experience.

However, if you are someone who likes to vape only when alone sitting outdoors with a book, then you might not need to charge repeatedly. Usually an e cig lasts for about a day; therefore, if you are just going for few hours, then you do not need to worry about battery drainage problem.

Another factor that can tell you a little about the battery life is the size of the battery. Brands like V2 cigs and EverSmoke come with three types of batteries- Mini battery, Standard battery and High capacity battery that can provide up to 175 puffs, 250 puffs and 350 puffs respectively.

Also, then are other brands that provide two battery types like Green Smoke, it provides the battery in 2 different power, 160 mAh and 270 mAh.

Before you start using your favorite e cig, make sure you charge the batteries until it is completely full, the charger will give a sign with green or blue light, depending on your e cigarette brand, which means that the battery is full and ready to use. Usually vapers keep two or three extra batteries with them to enjoy uninterrupted vaping experience before their batteries get completely charged.

Before you buy e cigarette, always remember to choose the best charging option to get the best experience. In addition, always keep a backup charger ready with you, in case you are somewhere, where you cannot use the wall charger, in the given situation, you will need to carry an express charger that you can fit in your laptop or in case you lose the charger.

If you want, you can always go through the reviews and the comments of the vapers and see what they have to say in the context that shall help you find the e cigarette charger that is likely to fulfill your needs.

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Top 10 E Cigarette Accessories

Accessories are the best way to describe a product, there are some things in the market that you might not know with their names, but then you will definitely know them by their accessories. It defines the products and brings out the best part of the brand, similar is the case with e cigarette accessories, you might not know few e cigarette brands, but then you will quickly figure out the brand name as soon as you see the accessory. That is called brand recalling, something that you associate with a brand.

Almost every product has accessories; therefore, e cigarettes too have come with the innovative accessories to attract ore vapers towards their brand. Accessories are the personal touch that a manufacturers gives to its e cigarette brands, which differentiates them from thousand other e cigarette brand in the market. Every e cigarette manufacturer comes with the basic 2-3 piece design, but that is what every e cig brand is doing, thus how are they going to stand out among the crowd, it is the e cigarette accessories that will help the vapor cigarettes gain a stronger base among its users.

Here is the list of top 10 smokeless e cigarette accessories:

  1. Personal/ Portable Charging Case (PCC)
electronic cigarette smart pcc

electronic cigarette smart pcc

Usually when you purchase an e cigarette kit, you would have seen different chargers, a USB charger and a wall adapter. Now, the personal charging case is just like its name suggests, it is the on the go way t charge your e cigarette. If you are going somewhere, you would not be able to charge your e cigarette with the normal charger then you will need the personal charging case that you can carry anywhere just like your Smartphone.

PCC from leading brands like V2 Cigs offer two variants of the charging case, a normal V2 Cigs portable charging case, which comes with a price tag of $49.95, whereas the V2 Cigs portable charging case XL costs $59.95. The only difference between these two V2 Cigs portable charging case is the size, as the price suggests the bigger charging case is more expensive than the smaller one.

V2 Cigs Portable Charging Case is the most stylish portable charger that you will ever come across. The V2 Cigs PCC offers 8 times charging time for each V2 Cigs, also there are light indicators that will guide you through out the charging procedure. In addition, in case, the battery power of V2 Cigs PCC drops, it shall indicate that the battery is running low and thus remind you to charge the portable charging case.

  1. Carry Cases
ego carrying case

ego carrying case

Carry cases, as the name suggests allows the vaper to carry their e cigarette from home to workplace or anywhere else. The main motive behind the carry cases is to make your travel easy, after all no one would want to put an e cigarette stick in their big bag and then face difficulty in finding the e cigarette. Thus, to avoid such pain, the vaper can simply purchase the e cigarette carrying case that will keep the mess away and keep all your supplies together at one place.

Green Smoke e cigarette has wide range of carrying cases to choose from, a leather case that can hold almost every supply, be it your USB charger, batteries and three cartridges. You can choose between three colors, Black, Tan and Brown, as the leather gives a superior feeling while carrying. The convenient and comfortable Green Smoke carrying case costs $27.75 only, thus it is a good option if you like to carry almost everything in one place.

Or else, you could choose from other Green Smoke cases like the Basic Green Smoke carrying case, which comes at an affordable price of $18.49 only. The Basic carrying case can hold two e liquid cartridges, one USB charger and two short or long batteries. The Green Smoke Basic carry case comes in three colors, but currently only two colors are available, Black and Apple Green.

If the above two case did not meet your needs, then you can go for the stylish one i.e. the Green Smoke Sparkle Carrying Case. The Sparkle carrying case at $18.49 is studded with crystals to give it a stylish look targeting the women vapers. The Sparkle carrying case comes in three colors, Black, Green and White, and with each color, there is different design one each case.

The Green Smoke Sparkle Carrying Case will hold two e liquid cartridges, two short or long batteries and one USB charger. If you are someone who likes to carry fancy accessories then the Green Smoke Sparkle carry case is the closest option for you.

  1. Express Charger
V2 USB Express Charger

V2 USB Express Charger

Chargers are the most important aspect of an electronic cigarette after the e liquid and batteries, thus it is necessary that as a vaper you get your hands on the best and the most efficient chargers. There are normal chargers you get in some starter kits, like the USB chargers and the wall adapter or even the car adapters. However, Express charger is completely different and more advanced than the normal chargers.

Like the Express Charger from V2 Cigs is one of the most popular accessories amongst the V2 Cigs vapers. The Express charger can be bought individually at $9.95 as well as in kits like the V2 Economy kit that cost around $34.95 and comes with an express charger. The express charger is the mini version of the smart charger that you are likely to find in other V2 Cigs kits.

The important aspect of the V2 express charger is that it comes integrated with an internal chip that helps in maintaining the battery charge. In case, the e cigarette battery is full, it will notify you that the battery if full and it is time to unplug the V2 e cigarette from charging. Another aspect of the V2 Cigs express charger is that it charges the V2 cigs two times faster than the normal chargers.

So, if there are days when you have no time to put the V2 Cigs on charging and wait for it to complete charge that time you might need the Express charger.

  1. Lanyard

If you are someone who does not like carrying e cigarette cases or portable charging cases everywhere with you and want to go all places conveniently, then the E Cigarette Lanyard is for you. There are times when you wish to carry a single e cigarette stick with your, but then you are always constantly worried about the e liquid leakage or the unscrewing of the batteries and the cartridges. That time the e cig lanyard are very helpful, as it is just like the whistle you’re your school football coach wore around his neck in school days.

You can find the e cigarette lanyard from various e cigarette brands, South beach Smoke is one of the brands that provides the e cigarette lanyard. However, South Beach Smoke has two variants of lanyard- simple Electronic Cigarette Lanyard and Faux Leather Lanyard at $9.99 and $7.99 only. The simple South Beach Smoke Lanyard is convenient and stylish, you can choose between two colors- Black and Red.  In addition, the South Beach Electronic Cigarette Lanyard is suitable with every e cigarette from the brand.

Whereas, the South Beach Smoke Faux Leather Lanyard is particularly for the vaporizers and is compatible with every South Beach Smoke Vaporizers.

Lanyards are the best way to go hands free, and just wear it around your neck everywhere you go. All you need to do is pull out the South Beach Smoke e cigarette from the lanyard holder dn start vaping.

  1. Cleaning Products
Smoke Tip - Cleaning Kit

Smoke Tip – Cleaning Kit

Almost every electronic product need some cleaning that helps to increase the longevity of the products. Similarly, e cigarette kits too need cleaning tools, kits or products to help them keep the e cigarette and vaporizers clean. In case, it remains dirty, the chances are high that the e cigarette kit might not last long as it had claimed.

There are various cleaning kits, cleaning brushes available in the market, some e cigarette brands tend to roll out their own line of cleaning kits, like SmokeTip e cigarette. SmokeTip Cleaning Kit comes handy to take care of the SmokeTip e cigarettes at a price of $6.95 only. The SmokeTip comprises of 10 alcohol pads, cotton swabs and T pins.

In case, you do not have much information on how to clean the e cigarettes, it is best advised that you read the instructions from the manual and then go ahead. Do not try to clean the e cigarette kit without any information or else you might just need to place a new order for your e cigarette.

Cleaning your e cigarette is must for everyone, not only will it deliver the excellent performance, but it will also increase the life of your favorite e cigarette kit.

Then there are e cigarette cleaning brushes that can help you keep your e cigarette in the best form. Da Vinci is one of the brands that provide cleaning brushes for the Da Vinci vaporizers, however, do not try to use it with other e cigarettes, as its usage is limited to only vaporizers.

The Da Vinci cleaning brush will cost you $6.95, which is a bit expensive for only a single cleaning brush. Had it been a cleaning brush kit, the price would have been suitable for the most vaporizer users.

  1. Stylish Wearable Accessories

There are few e cigarette brands offer stylish wearable accessories for its vapers, like Vapor Couture is one such brand that offers not only stylish looking e cigarette kits, but accessories as well, since, it is women oriented e cigarette brand, therefore, it has accessories that is certainly going to attract some female vapers.

Vapor Couture offers wearable accessories like, Stainless Steel Link Charm Necklace and Sterling Silver Charm Necklace at $49.95 and $149.95 respectively. The charm necklace can be worn like the normal accessory and can be used as an e cigarette lanyard. It has an e cigarette holder, than can hold the e cigarette in place while the necklace is around your neck.

Here, you have the option to choose from the stainless necklace and the sterling necklace, even though both the wearable accessories are expensive. As in the same amount, you could purchase some other accessory, therefore, if you are short on budget then do not go for these wearable accessories.

However, Vapor Couture also offers the Smartphone Clutch that comes in Black, Red, White and Dark Purple. The Vapor Couture Smartphone Clutch bag is very stylish looking and perfect for those, who do not prefer to carry the e cigarette carrying case. Thus, to replace the old boring e cigarette case, you can carry the stylish Smartphone Clutch that offers space for your Vapor Couture e cigarette and cartridges along with charger.

The Vapor Couture Smartphone Clutch is made of leather; you can carry your credit cards and any little items inside the clutch. It will cost you $59.95, thus if you are looking for a carry case as well as Smartphone Clutch then the Vapor Couture Clutch is for you. You can see the Vapor Couture logo right in front of the clutch, where you fasten the clutch. There is a separate compartment for your Smartphone, thus with additional space for your cash, cards and Vapor Couture e cigarette.

  1. Batteries

Batteries are another important aspect of an e cigarette; you will need them to continue your vaping experience. Just as we need battery in our Smartphone, thus the phone needs to be charged for few hours until it is completely charged. However, to extend the battery life and when there is no time to charge the phone, we tend to buy portable battery chargers like the power bank that charges the phone sitting in any corner of the world.

Similarly, for e cigarettes, we can get our hands on the batteries that can extend the journey of your e cigarette. E Cigarette brand like Green Smoke offers batteries in different variants, as you can purchase a single Green Smoke battery. The single battery comes in two variants- Short and Long battery, meaning the short battery is likely to gives light feeling along with great flavor whereas the long battery is likely to give you few more hours of vaping and gives more power in the Green Smoke e cigarette.

Also, then there is another option to choose from, the battery comes in two LED light color, Red and Green. Thus, as soon as you take a puff from your Green Smoke e cigarette, you will see Red or Green LED light from the e cigarette.  A single Green Smoke e cigarette will cost $15.71 only, which seems adequate for someone who is a heavy vaper.

Then there is another option, where you can

3-pack battery, which comprises of three Green Smoke batteries. There are times, when you forget to charge the e cigarette but then you wish to vape for a longer time. That is when you wish you had an extra battery as it is a onetime investment, therefore, buying an extra battery is no harm but profitable for the vaper. The 3-pack battery will cost $ 41. 64 only, whereas if you buy three separate batteries that would cost around $47.13, this means that each Green Smoke battery in the pack costs about $ 13.88 only.

Green Smoke offers other batteries variants like the Designer Batteries that are extremely stylish and good looking. They are completely different from the normal batteries that you see in your e cigarette kits. Designer batteries are actually designed by the e cigarette designers to bring stylish look and a personalized to each Green Smoke e cigarette user. You can pick out of the 9 designer Green Smoke namely, Nashville, Cooperstown, El Paso, New Orleans, Chicago, Charleston, Seattle, Manhattan and Springfield.

Each of these nine designer Green Smoke batteries has different designs, which you can choose as per your personal taste and style. Here too, the Green Smoke designer batteries come in two options, the long and the short battery.

Green Smoke e cigarette batteries give high-end personalization freedom to the vapers, due to which Green Smoke is one of the most preferable e cigarette batteries of all time. Even though Green Smoke comes with fancy batteries, they do not compromise with the performance and deliver the best and long lasting vaping experience.

  1. Merchandise

E cigarette brands are not only limited to the accessories like batteries, lanyards and wearable accessories, instead many e cigarette brands are also into merchandising. This means that there are brands that sell their own apparel lines including, jackets, shirts, caps and so on. Merchandising is just a way to expand the e cigarette business and reach out to a larger audience. It is all about advertising, the more vapers see such products, the more they are interested in the e cigarette brand.

V2 Cigs is one such brand that is into merchandising, currently, there are V2 Mens Polo Shirt, V2 Mens Black T-shirt and V2 Mens Asphalt T-shirt. The V2 Mens Polo Shirt is as cool as it looks and you too shall feel the coolness and the comfort in Polo Shirt. The V2 Mens Polo Shirt is made of 100% polyester and Moisture lock in material with a V2 embroidery on the shirt.  The V2 Mens Polo Shirt costs $29.95 and is available in two colors- Black and Royal Blue with 5 different sizes- S, M, L, XL and XXL.

Whereas, the V2 Mens Black Shirt is concerned, it comes with a price tag of $19.95 only. The T-shirt is in complete black color with V2 logo at the bottom of the shirt in grey color. The V2 Black Men Shirt is made of 100% cotton, thus suitable for summers where cotton apparels are very necessary to keep the heat at bay.

The similar T-shirt is also available in Asphalt color at the similar price, thus, you can choose out of the two colors, Black and Asphalt. The shirt is available in all five sizes.

  1. Rubber Drip Tips

Was there a time when you refilled the e cigarette with an e liquid and every time you tried refilling, it was a mess or it leaked on your clothes and your important papers. If there was then you probably had the rubber drip tips missing from the incident. Rubber Drip Tips are nothing but accessory for your e cigarette, which proves beneficial whenever you wish to refill your e cigarette. The Rubber Drip Tips are beneficial for the beginners as well as for the careless vapers, who tend to mess around when filling or refilling their e cigarette.

Rubber Drip Trips allows you to refill your e cigarette with the e liquid without any leakage or spilling the e juice around you. All you need is some rubber drip tips to get you going without any complications. Since, the rubber drip tips are inexpensive therefore you can buy them in bulk in case you lose them, as they too tiny to be taken care of.

V2 Cigs offers two variants of Drip Trips- Rubber Drip Tips and Aluminum Drip Tips. V2 Cigs offer the Rubber Drip Tips in 3-pack for $2.95 only, whereas the V2 Cigs Aluminum Drip Tips costs $ 5.95 for 3-pack. Thus, it is up to your preference, whether you want the drip tips in rubbers or in Aluminum.

If you wish to go the affordable way then the rubber drip tips are for you but if you don’t mind shelling little extra for the sleek and attractive drip tips then go for the Aluminum drip tips. Both are long lasting and cost efficient.

  1. Blu Social Pack

The Blu Social Pack is one of the kinds as there are no other e cigarette brands that have the similar features delivered by the Blu Social Pack. Therefore, the Blu Social Pack is a accessory on its own, which no other e cigarette offers. The social pack is also known as the Smart Pack, as the Blu Social Pack is world’s first e cigarette brand that has brought the social network in the Blu Social Pack.

Blu Social Pack is similar to the rechargeable kits that every other e cigarette brand offers, but the only feature that separates Blu Social Pack form others is the ability to detect the nearest Blu e cigarette vaper and the retail store within 500 feet. It is not only limited to recharging the exhausted e cigarette, but it also finds ways to meet new people with whom you can bond over the Blu E Cigarette.

The Blu Social Pack comprises of 2 rechargeable batteries, 1 USB charger, 1 wall charger, and 5 pack flavor cartridges. You can choose between the five flavors, Classic Tobacco, Java Jolt, Cherry Crush, Vivid vanilla, Pina Colada, Peach Schnapps and Magnificent Menthol. The Blu Social pack will cost your around $79.95, which is adequate with all the additional products that the brand is providing.


The e cigarette accessories vary from one brand to another, therefore, you are likely to find one accessory form one brand, which you might not find in the other brand. Batteries, chargers and the common accessories will be found in almost every brand, but there are certain accessories that you will find in only few e cigarette brands like the Blu Social Pack or the wearable accessory from Vapor Couture.

Choose the brand carefully and the accessories as well, on a personal not I would suggest you to go for accessories that are actually of some use, like the product cleaning kit or tools form SmokeTip, or the Personal Charging Case. These are something accessories that you will actually need in future, especially or those who are always on a go and do not have much time to charge the e cigarette batteries repeatedly.

in case you are not sure which accessories will go with your e cigarette kit or the brand, then it best advised that you should firstly consul your e cigarette provider  or else you could purchase the accessories from the same brand as your e cigarette. As each e cigarette brand offers different accessories, but then they might not be compatible with your e cigarette kit.

Therefore, I would suggest you to go for reviews or to be on safe side, order the accessories from your e cigarette provider. In case, your e cigarette manufacturer does offer the accessory that you are looking for, then you must consult the e cigarette manufacturer and ask whether your cigarette kit is compatible with the accessory from other brand.

Accessories are the best way to personalize your e cigarette, therefore explore your options and go for the best and the usable accessory that can extend the life of your e cigarette products.

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Best Known Forms Of Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are not unknown and since its evolution, many other forms of e cigarettes have come up in the market, which might have not grabbed your attention. The electronic cigarette comes in different colors, size and shape. Thus, for a beginner it can be quite confusing as already the e cigarette is flooded with hundreds of e cigarette brands that have different products and flavors to offer.

The quest to find the best and appropriate electronic cigarette is time consuming and worthwhile, as along the search you will come across different forms of smokeless cigarette. Different forms of e cigarette is for those who are not content with the regular electronic cigarette, thus want to go for the different types of e cigarette for a change.

There are many cigarette forms that some of us are not even aware of, even though you might have heard about them but not used them personally. Thus with this article, I would like to bring those forms of e cigarette to you, so that next time you come across the different e cigarette you know what you are dealing with.

Best forms of Electronic Cigarette

  1. Electronic cigarette
regular e cigarette

regular e cigarette

Electronic cigarette, also known as the two-piece design e cigarette, are the most common form of e cigarette in the market. The smokeless cigarette industry kick started with the electronic cigarette, as it was how the e cigarette industry came into being. Electronic cigarette is said to be the next big thing to the traditional cigarette as it is giving the traditional cigarettes a run for its money.

Ever since, the evolution of e cigarettes, there is a complete big market for the e cigarettes and its accessories and additional products and services.

The two-piece design that is normally seen in an electronic cigarette comprises of the battery and cartomizer, which means that you will need to screw the battery with the cartomizer to start vaping. The Normal e cigarette allows the vaper to use the e cigarette repeatedly, as it is rechargeable due to which the e cigarette can be used anytime you want. The electronic cigarettes come on different kits, with different price as per the products that kit is providing you.

A single reusable e cigarette kit can last up to 2 packs of traditional cigarette. The e cigarette kit can b used as long as you want, all you need to do is charge the smokeless e cigarette whenever you wish to use them. Each e cigarette brand has something different to offer, like the services, products, e liquids and accessories. Accessories like, personal charging cases, express chargers and many others are the main attractions for electronic cigarette brands.

There are leading electronic cigarette brands like V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, and Blu Cigs and so on. For e.g. V2 Cigs comes with various starter kits like the V2 Economy Kit that costs about $34.95, comprises of 1 V2 Standard automatic battery, 6 V2 flavor cartridge, 1 V2 Disposable and 1 express charger. Now the main highlight of the V2 Economy kit is that it comprises of the express charger that helps to charge your e cigarette quickly and thus notifies you in case the battery is full and that you need to remove it from charging.

Thus, electronic cigarette is limited not only to the existing vapers but also for the vapers, however beginners will need to choose their first starter kit carefully according to their personal likes and budget.

  1. Disposable e cigarette
disposable e cigarette

disposable e cigarette

Disposable e cigarettes are the next best thing to electronic cigarettes; therefore, you will come across the disposable e cigarettes in almost every other e cigarette brand. Disposables e cigarettes are only for one time use, which means that you can use the disposable e cig only once and then dump it away. It is the best option for the beginners who do not wish to or do not have that much budget to spend on a starter kit. Thus, a vaper can either purchase a single disposable e stick or in different packs.

Most e cigarette brands provide the different packs at different price, thus you can choose as per your budget. Disposable e cigarettes are mostly preferred by the beginners, as they do not have much information on the e cigarette starter kits, thus to avoid wasting some dollars on those, a beginner firstly tries out the brand and then decides whether he or she want to continue with the brand or not.

As V2 Cigs comes with different disposables pack, for e.g. the 5 pack disposables cost $29.95 only, which means that each V2 Cigs disposable costs less than $6. You can choose the flavor from V2 Red and V2 Menthol, with Nicotine strength at constant 1.8%.

If you do not wish to purchase the pack, you can go for a single disposable stick as well, but I would recommend you to go for the 5-pack minimum. Because, with a single disposable e cigarette you will not be able to judge its capabilities, but with the entire pack, you will be able to judge the throat hit and the vapor production. To get a better performance you will have to give the disposable e cigarette some time and see whether the disposable e cigarette brand suits your taste or not.

  1. Disposable e cigar
Disposable E-Cigar

Disposable E-Cigar

The Disposable E Cigars are the similar to the actual cigars, just a modern version of the real cigars. Disposable E Cigar is similar to the disposable e cigarettes, which means that the disposable e cigars are not reusable and you will need to dump it off as soon as finish using the e cigar.

However, do not confuse the Disposable e cigar with the disposable e cigarettes as the Disposable e cigar mimics the real cigar and not the traditional cigarette. This means that the disposable e cigars will deliver the same taste and perform like the actual cigars. Switching from the real cigar to the disposable cigar can be a bit difficult in initial days but once you are comfortable with the disposable e cigar flavor and its taste, you will get the hang of the Disposable cigars.

Disposable e cigars are for those who do not wish to continue with the actual cigar but then cannot do without them, thus to give some rest to the stronger version of cigars, vapers tend to go for disposables. That gives them the similar experience from a real cigar, but less stronger. It is the best option for those vapers who are just plain sick of purchasing expensive cigars and usually the ones who are always on the go. As the electronic E Cigars are more about charging regularly, thus when that does not work then the disposables e cigars come into the scene.

Premium E Cigarettes brand offers disposables e cigars from a third party vendor, Vape Master. Therefore, Vape Master offers the disposables e cigars with a wide range of options to choose from. There is disposable Mini e cigar, which you can purchase in either a single quantity or different packs of 3, 5 and 10, at $9.99, $28.47, $44.95 and $84.90 respectively.  The Mini disposable e cigars come in two flavors- Red sweet Cuban and Black Bold Cuban for all the packs, from which you will need to choose a single flavor. A single mini disposable e cigar can deliver up to 1000 puffs, which means that the disposable e cigar is likely to run for more than 2 days for average vaper, thus the numbers of puffs vary from vaper to vaper. it could be less lasting for heavy vapers.

Whereas, the electronic disposable   e cigar is concerned, it comes in a single quantity and 3-pack and 5-pack at $19.99, $54.99 and $89.99 respectively. Here too you can choose from two basic flavors – the Red Sweet Cuban and Black Bold Cuban. The Nicotine Strength for the electronic disposable e cigar is constant at 18mg.

  1. E hookah
E hookah

E hookah

E Hookah is another form of vaping, something very similar to Hookah or Shisha as you can say. E hookahs are the advanced version of vaporizer and hookah, just as the electronic cigarette is of the traditional cigarette. Usually with the normal hookah, there is lot of work to be done, but with the E Hookah, you can just vape away easily without having to do anything.

There are different variants of E hookah, the disposables and the reusable E hookah. Disposables E Hookah are nothing, but a temporary way to vape, it can be used only once and not repeatedly. Once the disposable e hookah is used completely then you can throw them away, they cannot be refilled or recharged. Therefore, the disposables e hookah are perfect fit for beginners who want to try out certain e hookah brands before buying the complete kit.

Whereas, the E Hookah is reusable over the time, all you need to do is refill the e liquid in the tank and continue vaping without worrying about its durability. The refillable e hookahs come with cartomizer or tanks that need to be filled in with e liquid to keep it running. E Hookah is a great option for those who are fond of hookah and thus it allows the vaper to refill the tank with any e liquid flavor that you like, which means that the e hookah is highly customizable.

Starfire Cigs is one such brand that is renowned for E Hookahs, there are wide range of flavors to choose from, in 7 delicious flavors- Melon Mist, Berry Blast, Blueberry Mint, Juicy Peach, Tropical Smoothie, Red Energy and Strawberry Mint. Each Disposable Starfire e hookah costs $9.99, with Nicotine strength of 0 mg and 6mg also, you can order in 5-pack and get 1 free.

Each Disposable Starfire e hookah can deliver up to 1200 puffs, which is good enough to last for 2-3 days, as the number of puffs can vary as per the vaper. The heavier a vaper, the less number of puffs count and vice versa. Since, most flavors are fruit based, therefore, if you are not fond of fruits you can go for the Red Energy Flavor. It gives the deep flavor of the energy drink, not too sweet and leaves a deep taste after few puffs only.

Choose the flavors carefully as per your likes, however if you are not sure which flavor to go for then you can always search for reviews and read what vapers have to say about the flavor and the Starfire Cigs E Hookah. Always read what users have commented about the flavor and the brand that will give you an insight about the brand before you plunge into one.


Here we talked about the best known form of electronic cigarettes that you are likely to come across in the e cigarette market, even if you are committed to a particular type of electronic cigarette, you should be aware of the different type of e cigarettes.  For e.g.  In future when you grow weary of the disposable e cigarette, then you can opt for the reusable electronic cigarette that will save your money as well as deliver a better performance as compared to disposables.

For beginner, I would always recommend starting from the basic vaping platform i.e. the Disposables and then move onto the stronger and better version i.e. the rechargeable electronic cigarette.  Disposables are the best option for the beginner whereas experienced vapers can try from different brand starter kit and then choose the e cig brand that suits them the best.

This article is a simply way to provide you with some information on the different types of e cigarettes, but in case you are confused as in which form of electronic cigarette to go for, then you can always take help from the reviews on internet. You can read the comments from the uses and then decide for yourself as in which type to go for, and thus decide which type fits your demands the best.

You need start with the most expensive starter kit, instead for a smarter way you can go for the popular brands like V2 Cigs, Blu Cig, Green Smoke and so on and then move onto some other brand. In addition, I would recommend that if you have any friend who is experienced vaper, then you could always take some suggestions from him or her. An experienced vaper would be the best source of information, to get the honest and unbiased review on certain e cigarette brands.

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