Blu Cigs are said to combine a high quality e-cigarette experience with an affordable package. This company is currently in a partnership with Johnson Creek which allows them to release great tasting e-juice which is designed to power up the electronic cigarette. In addition, the Blu Cigs brand is synonymous with stylish design so you not only have the health benefits of e-smoking; you look good while doing it!

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How Blu Cigs Works

Like all other e-cigarettes on the market, Blu Cigs contains a battery and flavored cartridges which adds a little zest to the entire smoking experience. The e-juice contains no tobacco or other harmful carcinogens and has varying levels of nicotine depending on your preference. When the battery is about to run out, the battery unit flashes as a reminder for you to recharge it. Blu Cigs gets its name from the blue tip that lights up whenever a user inhales.

The Blu Cigs ‘Smart Pack’ range causes the pack to vibrate and its LED lights up whenever there is a fellow Blu Cigs user within 50 feet. If nothing else, this is a cool accessory and may even help you strike up a conversation.

Click Here TO Get the Best of the Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette Products

Products & Prices

  • Black & White Original E Cig Starter Kits ($79.95): Holds 5 e-cigarette cartridges, 2 batteries, wall charger, USB charger, one year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. The white pack allows you to choose any 5 flavored cartridges while strangely; the black kit has pre-determined flavors: Classic Tobacco x 2, Java Jolt, Magnificent Menthol and Cherry Crush.
  • blu plus rechargeable kitBlu PLUS Rechargeable Kit ($42.99): The Blu plus rechargeable kit is the recent addition to Blu cigs range of products. The Blu plus rechargeable kit contains one rechargeable pack, one Blu plus wall charger, one USB cord, 2 long lasting batteries which last twice as long as the regular rechargeable e cigarette batteries. Along with this, you get three Blu tanks in classic tobacco flavor or any of the flavors you pick. The tanks carry twice the amount of e liquid as present in the Blu cig cartridges. The pack has five slots, when you unpack the kit, take out the pack, and open the lid, the first three slots from the left are for storing the tanks, the fourth slot is for charging the battery and the fifth slot can embody a fully assembled e cigarette. The charging port is below the pack, there are two indicators, one which shows the charging level of the battery and another which indicates when the pack is fully charged.The batteries charge amazingly fast in the pack, with a single charge, you can charge up your e cig batteries 5-6 times and in less time. For more information on how to charge the pack, how to charge the batteries and to know more about the Blu plus rechargeable kit basics, you can consult the user manual and read on. The finish of the pack is very nice; there is a rubberized coating, which gives it a neat look.The connection used is a 510 connection, although it is advisable if you do not use other brand’s product with the battery or cartridge, however, if you still want to try it, always use the equipment with same connection. However, I must tell you that the Blu tanks cannot be used with batteries from other brands and neither should you try refilling the tank on your own, the tank is sealed and if you will try to refill it, the product might malfunction. In the event of the tank malfunctioning, you will be troubled because the tanks are neither replaced nor exchanged. If you have a premium 100 product, you might use that with the tank. As far as the warranty goes, you do get a one-year warranty on the Blu plus rechargeable kit and the same can be brought into use within a year provided the product is used normally as per the manufacturer’s guidelines of usage.The Blu plus rechargeable kit comes for a price of $42.99, which is a fair price to pay for the goodies that you are getting with kit.
  • Premium100 Starter Kit ($89.95): 2 x Premium100 batteries, wall & USB charger, 5 x flavored cartridges.
  • Rechargeable Kit: (34.99) Classic Tobacco,Magnificent Menthol,Variety Pack
  • 4 Pack Disposable E-Cigarettes, Classic Tobacco & Magnificent Menthol ($39.95): Equivalent to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes. No assembly and no recharging. Made from recyclable material.
  • blu xpress kitBlu PLUS Xpress Kit($14.99): At times, people do not want to have a lot on their plate and want to go the simple and easy way, for such vapers, the Blu Plus Xpress Kit is perfect. The simple to use and affordable kit contains two Blu tanks, each of the tanks will give you close to 500 puffs i.e. each of the tank is equivalent to two packs of tobacco cigarette. The kit contains one Blu Plus Rechargeable battery that lasts twice as long as the Blu rechargeable. The kit also contains a USB charger. The flavors available for the Blu tank are Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Cherry Crush, Vivid Vanilla, Pina Colada and Peach Schnapps; you should also check the limited time flavor, if available. The tanks are available in low, high and zero nicotine strength. The price of the Blu Plus Xpress Kit is $ 14.99, which makes it one of the cheapest e cigarette Xpress starter kits on the market.
  • Blu Tanks ($14.99): Each blu Tank™ is equal to approximately a puff count of 550+ (for real!).• Fits all blu PLUS™ and blu™ Premium100 batteries.• The blu tank, when combined with a battery, is about the size of a traditional 100-size tobacco cigarette.• blu flavors are made in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients.

Click Here TO Get the Best of the Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette Products


Cartridges come in packs of five with each individual packet costing $12.80. However, you can save money by purchasing in bulk with a 20 cartridges available for $38.40. The stylish Blu Cigs packs cost $12.95 while the Premium Edition costs $35. Batteries and wall chargers will set you back $12.95.

General Information

  • Battery Charge Speed: Original batteries recharge in 30 minutes while Premium100 batteries take 45 minutes. Original packs take 3 hours to recharge while Premium100 packs take 3.5 hours.
  • Nicotine Strength: Zero Nicotine, Ultra Light (8mg), Light (12mg), Full Flavored (16mg). Disposables are available in High (24mg).
  • Longevity: Original and Premium cartridges last 250+ puffs while Premium100 lasts 320+ puffs. Each disposable e-cigarette should last 400+ puffs.
  • Battery Strength: 80-100 puffs for each original and Premium battery with 250-300 puffs for Premium100.
  • Flavors: Pina Colada, Peach Schnapps, Vivid Vanilla, Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Cherry Crush and Java Jolt.


With a one year warranty, 30 day money back guarantee, free shipping and a stylish pack,  It is a worthy addition to the electronic cigarette market and starter packs are available at a reasonable price.

Click Here TO Get the Best of the Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette Products