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Digital Smoke

Digital Smoke

We simply use of team of experts to research information on the latest electronic cigarettes and create detailed and informative reviews. We critically analyze the features, pros and cons of each product as well as providing direct links to company websites. In addition, we regularly post articles and up to date news relating to the e-cigarette industry. For example, there are a great number of legislative changes occurring in the United States and we hope to keep readers abreast of the ever-changing situation. also contains useful tips when it comes to enjoying your e-cig and even offers advice on maintaining your product.

The e-cigarette is quickly becoming a phenomenon; not just in the United States, but around the world. Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik is credited with the invention of the electronic cigarette in 2003. He has earned praise in many quarters for creating a product that appears to greatly reduce the risk of cancer in smokers. E-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco or tar and contain just a fraction of the carcinogens found in cancer. Perhaps most importantly, they still contain nicotine which is known as the most addictive aspect of traditional cigarettes. On top of this, electronic cigarettes allow smokers to replicate the art of smoking without the harmful side effects.

At, we have seen the rise of the e-cigarette at close quarters as the number of brands we are currently looking at reviewing have grown at a startling speed. Once you have gained the information you are looking for from our reviews, we urge you to purchase directly from the company website. We only review companies perceived as reputable and urge consumers to steer clear of unaffiliated sites. The electronic cigarette industry is a lucrative one and a myriad of unscrupulous companies are attempting to make profit from less than legal activities.

Ultimately, we hope you enjoy this website and find the information found within to prove useful when it comes to making a purchasing decision. If you have just quit traditional smoking and are looking to get started with electronic cigarettes, congratulations! You have just made an important step towards improving your life.