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Electronic Cigarettes: Best Brands of 2015, History & Present

Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik is often given credit for inventing the e-cigarette. Lik’s father had died because of lung cancer and this gave the pharmacist the impetus to conjure up a way to allow smokers to enjoy the sensation of smoking without the potentially fatal side effects. His creation was released in May 2004 on the Chinese market but did you know that electronic cigarettes could have been released much sooner?

Herbert A. Gilbert had actually filed a patent for a smokeless cigarette in 1963. Although several companies approached him, there is no mention of this invention after 1967. It would have been a timely release as tobacco smoking reached its peak in 1965. If Gilbert’s creation had been made public, it may have been a huge success because the public were just being alerted to the dangers of cigarettes.

Does Everyone Want You To Smoke E-Cigarettes?

The tobacco industry is certainly not in favor of electronic cigarettes since it currently makes an estimated $35 billion in profits each year. The fact that tobacco usage is believed to be responsible for the deaths of up to 6 million people annually shows that the human cost of this profit is simply too much. This is where e-cigarettes come in. Unfortunately, not all health agencies in the United States want this new form to smoking to replace the old standard. Although it is a relatively new product, the e-cigarette already has a colorful and controversial history:

September 2008: The World Health Organization (WHO) bans all references to e-cigarettes as smoking cessation aids.
Late 2008: Independent study in New Zealand shows that toxicants and carcinogens in e-cigarettes are well below harmful levels.
Early 2009: Australia and Canada ban smokeless cigarettes while the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States stopped shipments of the product from entering the country.
April/May 2009: The Electronic Cigarette Association formed. This is a group dedicated to ensuring all legislation involving the product is legal.
Late 2009: New Jersey bans e-cigarettes in public places.
Jan 2010: Federal District Court overrules an FDA resolution to enforce strict regulation within the industry. This decision was upheld in December 2010.

Why E-Cigarettes?

These are just some of the legislative battles that e-cigarette proponents have to face. Why is there such opposition? Perhaps the tobacco industry realizes that there is a real rival for the first time. The benefits of e-smoking are numerous:

They contain a fraction of the harmful chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes.?  There are a range of nicotine levels that allow smokers to gently wean themselves off their dependency.?  The shape, size, appearance and act of smoking an e-cigarette replicates the psychological effect of traditional smoking thus filling a need.?  There is no danger of second-hand smoke.?  Various studies have shown that e-smokers are far more likely to quit smoking altogether than those who try and go ‘cold turkey’.?  They are substantially cheaper than tobacco cigarettes.

What Is The Right Brand For You?

This is something that varies from person to person which is why you need to read the comprehensive reviews on On the right hand side of the page, you will see our current top 10 e-cigarette brands, a list that is continually updated.

We use the following criteria to determine the best brands:

» Value for money
» Customer reviews
» Choice of flavor
» Nicotine strengths
» Starter kit quality
» Accessories
» Customer service
» Delivery
» User experience
» Product innovation

As you can see, no stone is left unturned in our quest to find the best e-cigarettes on the market. All reviews are written by independent experts and only make the site after extensive testing of the product.There are currently an estimated 2.5 million e-cigarette smokers in the United States alone and tens of millions worldwide. Our goal is to not only provide up to date reviews on the latest brands, we also aim to bring you breaking news about the industry, changes in legislation and the results of new studies.

We are confident that e-smoking is a healthier alternative to tobacco and an increasing body of research proves this to be the case. Don’t listen to parties with vested interests, come to to find out the truth about e-cigarettes and how they could be the best choice you ever make for your health and your bank balance.

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